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H.H. Swami Sivananda H.H. Swami Sivananda
Swami Vishnudevananda Swami Vishnudevananda

special weekend yoga classes for
weight loss & detox

A Systematic and Gentle Approach to Losing Weight

A highly successful, popular and enjoyable course with theory, practice and discipline of losing weight through yoga. designed to give you not only techniques but also a long-term approach to weight management. specific asanas, pranayama, and their variations for weight loss, with emphasis on repetitions; relaxation; yogic diet plan and work at home.

26 March - 24 April 2022

saturdays & sundays only (10 classes)

from 10 am - 12 noon

Limited places. Registration on first come basis:
No Prior Experience of Yoga is Necessary

Online Class also available

Venue For The Course:

# 18 & 19, Sector 6,
Pushp Vihar, Press Enclave Marg,
New Delhi

For fees and registrations Call:

Yogacharya Nakul Sharan 9810807043

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Sivananda Yogasharan Foundation

Benefits of this special yoga weight loss programme
  1. Lose weight without any strict diet or fasting
  2. Anyone can follow the routine, even a beginner, and even those with special needs like diabetics or those on medication
  3. Sustainable - the routine and the techniques are taught step by step, systematically, and in a repetitive manner. to continue after the programme is not difficult.
  4. It is a yoga programme, and therefore no extreme measures
  5. Very relaxing, and energizing
  6. Ancient techniques, well-known, tried and tested, and safe
  7. Learn yoga as an added benefit - our heritage, taught by trained and expert sivananda teachers
  8. Improvement of strength, flexibility and stamina
  9. Improvement, and in many cases, complete cure of chronic ailments like digestive disorders, blood pressure and diabetes, back pain, insomnia, stress, migraine, joint pain, breathing difficulties, sinus and immunity disorders
  10. A balanced approach which looks at exercise, food habits, and lifestyle changes, not focused obsessively on cutting down diet, or exercising heavily
  11. Systematic, and tested over ten yrs,more than 2000 people have tried the programme
  12. Loss of inches, as well as weight - fit into different and slimmer fit clothes in just a few days
  13. Tremendous group energy and guiding and motivating spirit of teachers helps you achieve in the program, and continue afterwards
  14. Lose between 5-9 kilos in five weeks, safely, without side effects, lose two to three inches, tone up, and have a glowing skin - thanks to yoga.